Welcome to iMRM

We take the opportunity to give you a brief insight to the E-Portal for M.R.Reporting (Online MRM ver. 1.1) for your future challenges in marketing your brands and products We offer comprehensive, scalable and affordable business solutions to Pharma and other industry in India.. We have satisfied customers in Mumbai who are using this product and would like other pharma customers to take this opportunity

Benefits of Online MRM ver 1.1

Business Growth :

Software solutions that improve business processes and increase ROI.The software will give you primary sales and secondary sales for every client on basis of STP decided for that area which will help them in deciding their future targets and goals

Saving Time :

Very limited screens are provided for data entry keeping in mind their tight schedules of M.R. .Less time will be require by a M.R. to get themselves trained.

Saving Cost to the company :

Web based solution saves lot of Communication cost, courier cost, internet cost and laborious paperwork which is a cost to the company.

Stringent Control :

  • All the activities are pre-planned from STP tracked and controlled reducing malpractices.
  • It monitors/controls all the activities of M.R.s by giving deviation alerts, missed call reports.
  • Overdue DFR and log is maintained for the same
  • Expense Entry on the basis of DCR ,avoiding malpractices
  • Stringent security is there in form of inbuilt mails, messaging; bulletin boards, Encrypted password which will reduce the leakage of information
  • Tracking of inventory reports related to gifts and samples(received, dispatched) and many more..