Adding Value To your Business

About iCRM

i-CRM a web based Solution has created a value for its customers as a robust and technology-centric solution .The software addresses all your customer interface concerns, from sales and marketing to customer service, streamlining your enterprise and saving invaluable time and resources. CRM custom software from i-CRM instantly updates your business processes, combining them with people and technology to reveal more about your customers and their behavior with deeper analysis and insight into critical sales and customer metrics. our i-CRM software streamlines and automates your business processes, providing deep analysis and insight into important sales and client data, ensuring greater client satisfaction. We offer comprehensive, scalable and affordable business solutions to Pharma and other industry in India.. We have satisfied customers in Mumbai who are using this product and would like other pharma customers to take this opportunity.

Benefits and Unqiue features of i-CRM

Time Saving :

  • User Friendly
  • All the screens are under one umbrella i.e activity,mail attachments ,etc
  • Ease-of-use throughout the application
  • One-click access to major functionalities
  • Simple tree and hierarchical structure
  • Ability to leap from one account record to another with a single click
  • instant access of information related to accounts ,contacts like his personal and company details
  • Quick Search Facility Provided
  • Dash Board to give glimpse of all the information related to birthdays,employee of the week

Saving Cost to the company :

  • Web Based based solution saves lot of Communication cost, courier cost, internet cost and laborious paperwork which is a cost to the company.
  • Requires no software installation

Stringent Control

  • Stringent security is there in form of inbuilt mails, messaging; bulletin boards, Encrypted password which will reduce the leakage of information
  • New feature added in internal messaging like outlook express with read and unread flag
  • Dash Board can be configured user wise
  • Leads goinfg to respective department as per the user configuration
  • Approval from seniors for the qualified leads

Improving Client Relationship with sales growth

  • Email Alerts on clients birthday,anniversary,aniversary of the company
  • Email Alerts to all the customer on launch of new product
  • History of activity helping in analyzing the potential strength of the client
  • History of the prospcect/cliient helping in taking the decission

Key Performance of Employee :

  • Call Analysis v/s Stage Analysis
  • Quotation Analysis
  • Chart for the call summary
  • Conversion time taken