• Leave and Attendance Management

    Web-based system: no paperwork and a simple user interface
    Role sensitive menus: users can only see the features they are allowed to use.
    Personal leave summary page.
    Simple request form.
    View status of leave request after applying
    View “who is off today” information

  • Payroll Module

    Configurable pay structure with all statutory Reports
    Online investment declaration
    Online reimbursement claims

  • Online Training System

    Online Training is a web based training management software that automates the entire training management process. it enables you to track information on your employees' training requirements, fulfillment and feedback process. Its easy to use interface and employee self-service features ensures that all stakeholders can participate in the process of improving the skills and competencies of employees. it has evolved based on practical inputs from practicing training managers. Its features are functionally relevant and ensure reduction in the time taken to manage the training administration process.

  • Online HCM

    Online hcm software
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    If you have internet access, you're ready to get started.
    There's no software to install and nothing to download. (That goes for your trainees, too).

Welcome to iHRMS

iHRMS an End to End Human Resource Management Solution, your strategic business advisor. It's a complete easy-to-use solution that addresses your organization's workforce challenges and helps you to control your labour management costs - without overburdening your budget.

HR software on demand

iHRMS is an easy-to-use web-based HR solution for you and your employees, designed specifically as a low budget solution to streamline HR admin for small and medium-sized businesses in India.

Easy to use

There is no overcomplicated functionality. Your employees log in to a secure personal HR area where they can access (for instance) their contract of employment, their holiday and absence information, and company documents such has the staff handbook, induction pack, time sheets, expenses forms etc. Check out our full features list.

iHRMS has three tiers of access – owner, manager, or staff – and each user has access to view and control information appropriate to their level. Staff can self-manage holidays, view their individual contracts of employment and induction procedures, view the staff handbook, see the outcome of their appraisal, and update their sickness and other absence records. Owners and managers have more control and are able to access employee records and make changes to and upload documentation.

Affordable and value for money

As a budget HR software system my hrtoolkit is designed to be affordable to even the most stringent budget. You pay a simple one-off fee and then a monthly rental fee. It can be cancelled at any time. Take a look at our pricing iHRMS understands just how important security and protection of information is to our customers. With this in mind, we deploy state of the art security process and best practices to ensure that your data is protected. View our security statement in full. IHRMS is accessible to even the smallest employer and is suitable for organisations with as few as 5 to as many as 500 employees

No Setup Required

iHRMS is web-based, giving you full control of your HR information from any Internet-connected computer, with no software install, and you can have your own HR software and management system up and running in minutes.