Adding Value To your Business

About i-WMS

i-WMS a web based Solution has created a value for its customers as a robust and technology-centric solution .The software addresses all your customer interface concerns, from sales and marketing to customer service, streamlining your enterprise and saving invaluable time and resources. WMS custom software from i-WMS instantly updates your business processes, combining them with people and technology to reveal more about your customers and their behavior with deeper analysis and insight into critical sales and customer metrics. Our i-WMS software streamlines and automates your business processes, providing deep analysis and insight into important sales and client data, ensuring greater client satisfaction. We offer comprehensive, scalable and affordable business solutions to Pharma and other industry in India. We have satisfied customers in Mumbai who are using this product and would like other customers to take this opportunity.

Benefits and Unqiue features of i-WMS

Business Growth :

  • Improving and helping organization in making your delivery ease and smooth
  • Management can get Accurate Inventory on click of button
  • Salvage Valued Stock with Branches Now

Saving Time :

  • Very limited screens are provided for data entry keeping in mind their tight schedules.
  • Online Inventory pertaining to stock with engineer ,stock with consumption, will help the management in production planning of the orders placed.

Saving Cost to the company :

  • Web Based based solution saves lot of Communication cost, courier cost, internet cost and laborious paperwork which is a cost to the company.
  • Acknowledgment receipt on acceptance of the stock saving your communication cost
  • User friendly Search Facility Provided in all the screen
  • Multi Users

Stringent Control :

  • Track online inventory at nth level
  • Data Access as per the privilege given to the user
  • Separate logins for wholesalers and retailers
  • Approvals for Dispatch
  • Special Control Panel for Administrator
  • It monitors/controls all the activities of users by logging all the data that are added,updated,deleted form the system
  • Stringent security is there in form of inbuilt mails, messaging , bulletin boards
  • Online Inventory will reduce the malpractices

Key Performance of Employee :

  • Call Analysis v/s Stage Analysis
  • Quotation Analysis
  • Chart for the call summary
  • Conversion time taken