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Welcome to Society Member

SM(Society Member) is an online accounting management and communication tool for multi storied buildings and housing societies. A focal point where Society members and Managing committee can communicate with each other with out getting together, it facilitates better communication and management system, SM is trying to reduce disputes with society members and managing committee.

SM is configured with online account manager, where admin can manage day to day payment record online, where admin can post income & expense by using their user id & password, which is very helpful to admin & members to track the income & expense of their society, it is designed taking all the requirements of the society members,

Ease of use

Comprehensive and easy to use Society Management Software, Tenant Management, Vehicle Management. Sit at home and look after the societies day-to-day affair.


Communication & information supply is an essence of any long-lasting relationship so it is in your relationship with your neighbours within the society. SM(Society Member) gives your community various alternatives to discuss, chat, complain, take opinions, interact and distribute information. The highlights here are: Online Notice Boards - for members to view new updates - a platform for residents to discuss common issues and encourage resident participation, Opinion Polls – for taking quick decisions, Complaints – a section to put forth your concern & check its status, Weekly digest, Events, and many more.


Most members compalint of commitee members to be nontransparent.But with SM(society member) all the of society,tenders,expense and smooth transfer of committee members with ballot .


View all accounts related reports on Web.Expense account,Income account all avaible for members daily with reports.

No Setup Required

No infrastructure needed all the members need is a PC and browser.