RPG Enterprises Ltd

Our major challenge for payroll software was in-house implementation, lesser remote support, strict protocols for remote support, less training time should be required (fixed for 10 training) before live. The software should be user friendly, accuracy of reports for salary register, statutory compliances and IT computation with multiple variations for CEAT and RPG Enterprises Ltd. Very few vendors were ready to go with these constraints. Innovative Software Solution iHRMS was the second vendor who fulfilled all the requirements .They processed the salary for 2 companies from April-Oct 2018 within 2 months and made live with all the customization for CEAT and RPG Enterprise Ltd Regards RPG Enterprises Ltd

Pharmchem Distributors/P&B Pharmaceuticals Ltd

We wanted Web based + SMS iSFA (Pharma Daily Reporting) our for PAN India .The software should be user friendly and within companies budget . We wanted Code Based Solution to save time of our employees and attendance was considered on basis of messages send for 150 staff .All these challenges addressed above were resolved by them with few customization in existing product and system was made live within 3 months. We are using this system from 2015 till date as subscription module user wise. The accounts team was requiring HRMS software for processing payroll as payroll processing was taking long time and the statutory compliance were changing frequently and accuracy of data with complete statutory compliance and wanted to have an user friendly software + statutory should be maintained historically. We have immediately started iHRMS software as a subscription module user wise with few customization .We are using their package from 2016 till date .The software is very scalable, flexible, user friendly and they have accommodated all the pf related changes in the system till date + some changes done during the covid period.

AmberNath Municipal Council -Users:- 850 ,3 Years+

We have been using the iHRMS software for the last 3 years for processing payroll When searching for the vendors our major challenges were reducing the payroll processing time, reports as per statutory norms with 7th pay commission changes, multiple salary heads, Strong Support and within the budget The iHRMS software has fulfil all my needs

Sunways (India)Pvt.Ltd

Our major challenges are on boarding, location transfer, should not affect payroll and different structure for different people, Arrears, leave management .Separate admin user will be there for individual company for on boarding and payroll process The major challenge at the time of covid was processing payroll with different structure on temporary basis. Keeping intact existing structure which innovative team has configured very easily. The team members are very experienced, technically and functionally very sound. They can diagnosed the issue very fast. Regards HR Department